Patti Kusturok's 365 Days of Fiddle Tunes 2019 Request
  • Patti Kusturok's 365 Days of Fiddle Tunes 2019 Request
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I have decided to do another 365 days of fiddle tunes for 2019! This time, I am opening a limited amount of days for requests. These can be for greetings of any kind...birthday, anniversary, in memory of a loved one, anything at all! Or, if you have composed a fiddle tune that you'd like me to include, if you send the sheet music and/or recording, I will learn it (if it's in my ability!) and do it. The stipulation is that you have to first make sure that I haven't already covered it in my 2015 version of the 365 Days of Fiddle Tunes. You can check by simply going to YouTube and searching the name of the tune along with my name. If it comes up, it's not eligible.

I will not be repeating any of the same tunes again, so this will be a bit of a challenge, but I'm up for it!

Once these limited request spots are sold, that's it! So don't delay. This would make a nice gift for a special person in your life.

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