I grew up immersed in the music of Canada’s fiddle greats. From Messer to DeJarlis, Townsend to Bouvette, Landry to Cherny, if the record (or 8-track) had a picture of a fiddle on it, my parents acquired it for me.


In my almost 50 years of playing fiddle, I’ve amassed a massive repertoire of tunes. I enjoy finding music that may not be as familiar and passing it along. As a young fiddler, I would often receive sheet music in the mail from strangers who had heard me play and thought I’d like to learn some tunes. I remember opening an envelope with a stack of Graham Townsend tunes or Don Messer tunes, all written by an unfamiliar hand.


I’m offering a three-week series of Sunday workshops. In each of these workshops we will learn a tune or two and talk about the players who composed them. They will be done on Zoom and recordings will be made of the classes. If you can’t attend, you can watch and learn at your leisure. Sheet music with bow markings will be provided as well as sound clips. This workshop is geared toward all who read and/or learn by ear and who consider themselves to be intermediate to advanced learners.


I’d love for you to join me and learn some of the tunes I love the most from my most loved fiddlers…in February…..see what I did there?  


Dates:              February 4, 11, 18, 2024

Time:               2:00PM Central Standard Time

Length:           60-90 minutes per workshop

Cost:                $90 CAD

Fiddlers:         Reg Bouvette, Graham Townsend, Andy Dejarlis, Frankie Rodgers


*Minimum Registration Required


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