Fall 2020 Master Class Fiddle Workshops with  

Patti Kusturok 

In a time when get togethers are advised against, it’s difficult to continue to become inspired to hone your musical craft. After all, why bother continuing to learn something if we can’t meet up with others and share it? 

For the Fall 2020 season I will be offering my first comprehensive 12-week series of Master Class Fiddle Workshops that will run from mid-September to mid-December.  There are two separate 12-week series’ to choose from and students will sign up for a block of 12 classes.  These classes are for the intermediate level player, and will be done via Zoom on Monday evenings from September 21 to December 14.

A bit about me:  I have over 30 years’ experience as a fiddle instructor.  I have taught hundreds of students privately, in small and large groups, and in the school system.  I’ve also participated in the training of violin teachers, coaching them on how to be successful fiddle teachers when coming from a classical music background.  Troubleshooting challenges is something I enjoy doing and to me there is nothing better than seeing the proverbial light go on when someone discovers a new trick that makes things easier. 

The cost for the 12-workshop package will be $360CAD (approximately $274USD - check your local country’s exchange rate) and will include:  

  • 12 one-hour group Zoom workshops 
  • Sheet music with bowing and chords 
  • Audio Recording of each tune 
  • Piano Backup Tracks 
  • Unlimited access via email for questions between classes 
  • Video link provided within 24 hours for each workshop in case of schedule conflicts and for at-home follow up 
  • Access to a private “students only” forum for discussion and social interaction
  • 25% Discount for merchandise from my web site (excludes tune transcriptions and tuition fees) 

If you wish to take both classes, receive the second one at 50% off!

Workshop days and times will be Monday evenings.  Time TBD after discussing with students.



Workshop Topics

  1. Contest Playing and Prep (Intermediate; 12 classes) – If you have been thinking about dipping your toe into the competition waters, but don’t know where to start, this could be the workshop series for you.  We will cover topics such as what makes tunes appropriate or inappropriate for contests, things to consider when choosing tunes, how to combat “nerves”, and developing a good contest mindset.  We will learn a couple of sets of tunes (waltz, jig reel, tune of choice) and will take the last class to have a for fun little contest to offer each other support and feedback.  
  2. Release the Sheet!  How To Develop Your Ear and Lessen the Dependency on Sheet Music (Beginner/Intermediate); 12 classes) - One thing I hear from many adult learners who started particularly later in life is that they can’t seem to shake the sheet music.  Pressure to “memorize” tunes, only to be forgotten after a few weeks is discouraging.  Learn how to train your ear so that you can think of the tune and not just a series of note patterns.



How To Register

  1. Click HERE to open the registration form. 
  2. Fill out the form.  
  3. Choose one series. It will only allow you to choose one.  Once you do this, you're done and you just have to make the payment!